Surgescope integrates these technologies into enhanced clinical workflows bridging Augmented Surgery and Digital Histopathology changing and improving how physicians can make decisions with minimum interference in their critical procedures.

This poses a technological and decision-making challenge that Surgescope solves by collaborating with surgeons, pathologists, AI experts and specialists in biology and cancer. Integrating this knowledge and practice we develop and deploy the workflows that can help reduce the occurrence of positive margins after surgery and the eventual cancer recurrence.


Surgescope can improve lives directly and also the patients’ experience and expectations along their journey through cancer. Patients can face cancer treatments with more confidence. Families and caregivers will also benefit from Surgescope helping concilliate life


A direct impact of Surgescope is reducing an important burden in the health system caused by all the cases that result in cancer recurrence due to incomplete tumor resection during surgery. The cost and time necessary to treat recurrence after surgery is significant and also affects the overall experience of cancer patients.

Beyond that evident impact, Surgescope aims at changing surgery and clinical workflows through the power of Real-time Imaging and Artificial Intelligence to provide a new set of tools for decision making that are not available at the present time. This necessarily needs to be done from inside, understanding how clinical workflows work and how surgeons and pathologists collaborate.

By improving clinical workflows, a lot of resources can be saved and optimized, but also new opportunities are open for improving diagnosis and making research with in-vivo data that does not exist at the moment. Surgescope can help improve the state-of-the-art in cancer knowledge and clinical practice.


We are experts in AI and biomedical research. Through ex-vivo and in-vivo imaging we will be able to perform data-driven cutting-edge research on cancer in collaboration with several Universities and Research Centers.